Sausage & Egg Breakfast Wraps

Breakfast. Hailed as the most important meal of the day and yet it is the one meal we all skimp on. Either we skip it altogether or grab the first thing we can and this often means cereal. Cereals that are high in sugar, salt, carbs and have little to no nutritional value(despite what the…

Leftover Chili Omelette

  One of the quickest dinners I’ve ever made! Took 10mins tops to make and less than 5mins to devour. As part of my on going attempt to reduce our household food waste, I’ve been using up every little bit of leftover dinners to make new dinners. I made Chili on monday using the mutton…

Black Pudding Scrambled Eggs

fussyeater.netI love eggs! Just can’t live without them. If I had it my way, it would be eggs everyday for breakfast, lunch & dinner! (..don’t think i’m joking….) When we were at Overton Farm a couple of weeks ago for the Farm Walk, we picked up 30 small eggs for £2. It’s an absolute bargain! I just couldn’t pass up on that offer especially since we have scrambled eggs in Alexander Taylor rolls, most weekends. It’s our weekend ritual.

There are many ways to make scrambled eggs and every way is QUICK & EASY! So very quick & easy. If, like my better half, you don’t know how to or have never made scrambled eggs yourself, you really must learn how to (unless you don’t like eggs…).  That’s right, M has never made scrambled eggs before, well… never before last saturday.

We decided to add some black pudding to the scrambled eggs just because we had one lonely wee round lying in the fridge. You can make this quite easily without the black pudding or even replace it with bits of chorizo or bacon or sausage or mushroom or ham or smoked salmon or mackerel or just about anything you want! Go crazy and experiment with left overs!