Homemade Chilli & Coriander Fishball Mee(noodles)

fussyeater.netIts going to be Chinese New Year soon and I am really wishing I was back in Singapore for the festival period. I love CNY and all the festive goodies that go with this incredible season of abundance. My favourite thing about any festival in Singapore….Kueh Tart! Oh the little morsels of sweet sticky pineapple jam that sits atop slightly salty, extremely buttery, melt in your mouth tarts *drools* They are my one(of many!) weakness.

I better get back to topic before you start thinking this post is about pineapple jam tarts. As its CNY soon, I’m going to do a wee countdown to CNY by posting different recipes of my favourite Singaporean dishes that I have recreated in my home in Scotland. The first recipe is a new take on an old classic – Fishball Mee.

Steamed Fish-Chinese Style & Tips

I love steamed fish. Its so nutritious and sooooo tasty. It conjures happy childhood memories of the whole family sitting around the table tucking into my mum’s out of this world, impossible to beat, crazy delicious steamed fish. My mom’s steamed fish is like nothing you’ve ever had before. This recipe however, is not my…

Asian Style Steamed Salmon & Veg

I made this for dinner yesterday. Martin liked it so much, he wanted it for dinner today! Its such an unassuming dish. Often when I tell people I’m having steamed fish for dinner, they give me a weird look. I’m guessing its conjuring up some pretty unpleasant experiences for them. That isn’t the case for…