Easy Fruit Tart Recipe

I first made these fruit tarts 8 years ago and it’s still one of my favourite recipes as it is so easy to make! It’s a recipe or rather an assembly of ingredients, which will come in handy during this festive period. Something that you can say was homemade and will look like you’ve spent…

Health Benefits – Cherries

As promised this post is all about the health benefits of cherries. Low in Calories + Good Source of Vitamins & Minerals – like most fruits, cherries are low in calories. Also low GI and full of Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Iron etc. High in Anti-Oxidants – Anti-Oxidants help protect the body from the harmful…

Black Forest Brownie


Its cherry month! I love cherries. I didn’t use to though. I think the ghastly glaced stuff really did a number on me, put me off cherries for years. I’m glad I gave cherries a second chance. Look at all that I’ll be missing out on! The taste of fresh cherries can differ quite a bit depending on the variety.

Besides their fabulous taste, cherries are full of antioxidants, melatonin and anthocyanins. Antioxidants help protect the body against the damaging effects of free radicals. Melatonin is the hormone that helps regulate sleep and anthocyanins help relieve pain from arthritis and gout (more details in next post). Seems there’s no reason why we shouldn’t be getting our fill of cherries while their still in season!

This recipe is exactly the same as the Chocolate & Raspberry Brownie(originally from Good Food Website), just that instead of raspberries, I used cherries. Its such an easy recipe and lends itself well to most fruits. Remember to use good quality dark chocolate for best results.

Lemon & Choc Chip Cupcake

The summer is upon us! After months and months of nothing but rain and snow and gales and hail and sleet, its finally sunshine!! I haven’t really been cooking and baking as much as I normally do. Just enjoying the sunshine as much as I can, while I can! I made this cupcake a couple…

Chocolate & Raspberry Brownie

IMAG0019 copyEver had a real hankering to make a particular dish? That’s exactly what happened to me on Saturday morning. I decided to make a cake to bring along to the farmer’s market(for the stall holders) and had a real hankering for chocolate and raspberry brownies. So I went online and looked for a recipe. I really liked the look of the brownies on the Good Food website and just had to make them! Only thing was, I wanted to make them square… or rather I wanted to use my square tin, which meant that the brownies would be extra thick. I also had no idea how long to cook them for as the timing in the original recipe would be of no use, what with them being in a different sized pan. You’d think that would phase me…you’d be wrong. I often do crazy things like that. It wasn’t my first time and it certainly won’t be my last!

So how did I work out how long to cook the brownies for you ask. Well, knowing full well that the 30 mins cooking time in the original recipe would not be enough, I figured I would cook for 30 mins, shuggle the pan to see how wobbly the mixture was and from there work out how much longer it needed to stay in the oven. Worked like a charm! It took a whole hour to cook the brownies and the resulting brownie was gooey in the middle and chewy/crusty on the outside.

I literally took it out the oven and brought it straight down to the farmer’s market. It was still warm when it was cut and it was delicious! I loved making it so much, I made another batch when I got home!!

Cranberry & Pistachio Cupcake with White Chocolate Buttercream

002 (2)

I’m favouring a new cup cake flavour combination these days. Well… its not really new as such. Its white choc + pistachios + cranberries soaked in Southern Comfort. Yep you read it right, Cranberries soaked in Southern Comfort! I first made this cupcake at christmas. I’ve made several variations of the white choc, pistachio and cranberry combination but I don’t usually soak the cranberries.

Last christmas, whilst prepping for my marathon cake making session, I was looking at all the booze I had in the house to see what would be best to soak the cranberries in. All I had were various Bailey’s and Marsala. Then I spied a bottle of M’s Southern Comfort. Perfect! That was just what I needed. The cranberries were plump and juicy and the southern comfort in the background gave the cake a little air of mystery. Everyone kept saying, ‘There’s something else in this cake…I just can’t put my finger on it’. It was a roaring success šŸ™‚