Malaysian Style Hokkien Mee

Malaysian Style Hokkien Mee

I was looking in the fridge wondering what to make myself for brunch and upon seeing the yellow noodles and bacon lardons I decided to make Malaysian Style Hokkien Mee. This particular variant is also sometimes known as KL Style Hokkien Mee or Hokkien Char Mee or Black Hokkien Mee. Not to be confused with…

Homemade Chilli & Coriander Fishball Mee(noodles)

fussyeater.netIts going to be Chinese New Year soon and I am really wishing I was back in Singapore for the festival period. I love CNY and all the festive goodies that go with this incredible season of abundance. My favourite thing about any festival in Singapore….Kueh Tart! Oh the little morsels of sweet sticky pineapple jam that sits atop slightly salty, extremely buttery, melt in your mouth tarts *drools* They are my one(of many!) weakness.

I better get back to topic before you start thinking this post is about pineapple jam tarts. As its CNY soon, I’m going to do a wee countdown to CNY by posting different recipes of my favourite Singaporean dishes that I have recreated in my home in Scotland. The first recipe is a new take on an old classic – Fishball Mee.

Mum’s Amazing Peppery Chicken Noodles

fussyeater.netMy mum is over visiting at the moment and its GREAT!! Home cooked meals hot and ready when I get back from work = bliss 🙂 There’s nothing better than a bowl of mum’s amazing Peppery Chicken Noodles.

As this is a Mum recipe, I don’t have proper measures. I’ll try and be as accurate as I can. It isn’t easy typing out the ingredient list while Mum is talking and don’t get me started on the method! Mum often gets side tracked and starts telling me of the different variations that I can try out. I kept saying “Just tell me how you did it this time”. lol

Mum often marinates her meat before she cooks it. It makes the meat so tender and full of flavour. You can marinate the chicken over night but 30 mins is more than enough. You can also use rice instead of noodles for this recipe.

Leftover Takeaway Noodles with Chicken & Veg Stir Fry

SAMSUNGA couple of weeks ago we’s ordered some food from our favourite Thai takeaway and ended up with a portion of plain noodles instead of coconut rice. We didn’t really have anything that went with the noodles and there was no way I was going to throw out some perfectly good food. So the next day, I decided to have the noodles with some stir fried chicken and vegetables. It was delicious!

Prawn & Scallop Kam Heong Mee

Kam Heong or Golden Fragrance (in cantonese) is quite a popular sauce in Malaysia, often paired with lala clams. What are lala clams you ask…it is a type of clam that is frequently used in south east asian cuisine. I think they are a bamboo clams but i’m not very sure. What I am sure…