Braised Belly Pork

Braised Belly Pork – Chinese Style

Today’s post is Chinese style Braised Belly Pork cooked slowly using free range pork belly from Harris Farm Meats. So my brother was over from Singapore visiting us recently and we took him to Ruth’s farm to pick up some pork. He loves pork and Ruth’s farm is only 5 minutes away from our house.…

Chorizo, Tomatoes & Garlic Linguine

 fussyeater.netIts Saturday and I was really looking forward to the farmer’s market in Strathaven (and a wee spot of tea & scone in Alexander Taylor’s), only we didn’t end up going. We had to go to the car dealership in Glasgow because someone did a hit-and-run job on our car! It wasn’t badly damaged…though I can’t say the same about my pocket. Seems even the smallest dent costs an absolute fortune to fix! *Sigh* As if I’m not poor enough already.

 Since we were in Glasgow, M suggested we go to the farmer’s market there. Its been quite a while since we were last there and was pleasantly surprised to see a few new stalls. I didn’t get too much, I know its going to sound crazy but I felt like I was cheating on my local market lol!

I did get some lovely Clyde Valley Tomatoes and some fresh linguine from Pasta With Love. When I saw the tomatoes and fresh pasta, I immediately knew what I wanted for dinner. All I needed now was chorizo 🙂 You don’t have to make this with chorizo. You could leave it out completely and just have garlic+herbs+tomatoes or use whatever sausage you fancy instead. This recipe is so incredibly easy, you’ll be surprised how fast you managed to make dinner.

Chili Verde con Puerco (Green Chili with Pork) – Ad Libb’s Chili Con Carnival

fussyeater.netIt is the eve of Cino de Mayo, the sun is shining and I’m trying to perfect my chili verde for Ad Libb’s Chili Con Carnival!! The first chili competition of its kind in Glasgow. Needless to say, I did not win. I didn’t really think I would though there were alot more people there then I expected. I’d say there was about 30 entries…maybe? The competition was fierce! It was held in Ad Libb’s Ingram Street venue(handy for parking FYI) and the atmosphere was electric! There was mariachi music and margaritas and lots and lots of chili 🙂